How can you attract a good money lender in Singapore?

There are no binding rules for a good approach, but some points have proven to be important and usable in practice. Think well in advance whether your project really lends itself to sponsoring, i.e. whether you are willing and able to look after the interests of sponsors and to provide them with an attractive counterpart. And remember, there is a very useful alternative to sponsorship nowadays.

The fact that the sponsor’s logo appears on flyers, program booklets and other printed matter is now almost self-evident, but the more attractive and exceptional your counterparts are, the more you will argue for that.

What you need to know before choosing a money lender?

Make sure that you are fully aware of your own organization and / or project before you come into contact with a company. Only then will you be able to bring your request professionally and with the necessary persuasiveness. Moreover, you are then prepared for any questions. The following points of interest can help you in choosing a good moneylender in Singapore:

  • Why are you looking for money lender? Do you represent an institution, an association or a group of people? Or maybe an individual?
  • Which activity type do you belong to and how would you like to position yourself within this species?
  • What is your “unique selling point”? That is, what do you offer alone and what distinguishes you from everyone else?
  • Which target group do you have? Which idea or concept is relevant to your activity or institution?
  • How much paid employees or volunteers do you have?
  • Do you work with amateurs or professionals?
  • Do you have your own spaces available and who makes these spaces available?

What should you pay attention to during the acquisition?

After you have clearly identified the good licensed money lender in Singapore, you can start working on the design of the sponsor request. There are no fixed rules for this either, but it’s better to pay attention to a number of important points:

  1. Start on time!

Most companies set their budgets once a year, at the beginning of the financial year. Your request must therefore be submitted one year in advance to potential sponsors, especially when it comes to extensive sponsoring activities. The Good money lender in Singapore is important here.

  1. Avoid general formulations and standard recruitment texts!

The salutation “Dear ladies and gentlemen” is out of the question in the search for sponsors. Find the right contact person; know his position in the company and the correct spelling of his name and his title;

  1. Inform yourself in advance about the company, its products and its business philosophy!

State why you have turned to this company directly, why you consider a (sustainable) commitment useful;

  1. Do not write more than one page.

Limit yourself in a first letter to a summary of the essential points. You can attach an extensive project description with a timetable as an attachment or, if you are interested, send it to you, or even better, hand it over personally;

After all, you have to offer a consideration that may be of interest to the money lenders. You are looking for partners for a project that is suitable for sponsoring and you have good arguments for it.