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Fun video my sister played these two months ago when they were brand new at our local Pechanga and put a 20.00 in and after maybe 5 minutes of playing kept getting two reels but they weren't lining up with anything when she all the sudden got it and it awarded the Mega on reels 4 & 5 that paid 1066.46. I thought she won the 100.00 and was high 5-ing her then read what it said and was like WOOOO!!!! TYFS
Comment from : AngelaTwinSlots

Frances Apodaca
Like The game but sure doesn't pay
Comment from : Frances Apodaca

Miss Liz- The One & Only
I want to have a good time 😂😂😂 silly Albert 🤣😊 fun video, and yes you've been on a konami adventure 🙄😎 I do like the original version of this. Nice try 😊👍💙☘
Comment from : Miss Liz- The One & Only

Anna A Slots
Tough game thanks for sharing
Comment from : Anna A Slots

Terry Stewart
You have a LOT of patience! This game sucked big time, and should it ever have the nerve to show up at my local I will be sure to not play it! Thanks!
Comment from : Terry Stewart

Lynne Clayton
Well at least you got your money back.
Comment from : Lynne Clayton

Tom Dick
Thanks Albert but I'd rather you were looking at a herd of buffalo coming towards you. LOL !
Comment from : Tom Dick

Comment from : SHAWANA LEE

South Cowgirl 504
Very fun game you played but it’s one of those toughies to win on. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the video and sending good vibes, good times, and plenty luck your way!
Comment from : South Cowgirl 504

Arthur Daniel
Albert, the king of new,interesting, and enjoyable slot play.
Comment from : Arthur Daniel

I loved the old version but when it’s bad it’s horrible. Money goes so fast but at least you got it back...
Comment from : jackie3421

I might play it.
It looks like a rip off to me.
Can you try the new quick hits?

Comment from : Pbabowler

SOS - The Shamus of Slots
Yes .. I like the seats -- a good game -- but hardtop film it! Hope everything going good with you! A fun video for sure!
Comment from : SOS - The Shamus of Slots

Dianaevoni Vegas Slot Machine Videos
I've never done well on the original so hope I have better luck on this new game version. Fun to watch and sometimes getting our money back is the big win.
Comment from : Dianaevoni Vegas Slot Machine Videos

Jesse Nok
Not very exciting Albert! Glad you got the bonus though.
Comment from : Jesse Nok

Looks like a fun game Albert great wins! I bet Sunflower🌻 slots will be playing this one for sure ! 👍🎰💰 have a great day and best of luck 👍🎰💰
Comment from : slotman777

SunFlower Slots
Cool video and win. Thanks for sharing Albert. Thumbs up 127 🤑😎
Comment from : SunFlower Slots

My Pechanga Slot Machine Videos
It was nice to see this new game. I don't know if I will try it or not though. Fun Video!
Comment from : My Pechanga Slot Machine Videos

Denise Brooks
That was tough. Congratulations
Comment from : Denise Brooks

Erin B.
Wow Albert (late seeing this-packing for a move in May busy busy busy) but I have seen huge wins on this one in person, hubby had a couple, it's just when those darn wilds want to land in the right place at the right time in the free games and retriggers help. Was hoping u had it hun. Better luck next time kiddo.
Comment from : Erin B.

Albert, played this one @ Harrah's So.Cal. with Jennifer Goodwin a couple of months ago, and recorded the bonus! Did very well! Funny thing is that it's already gone!
Comment from : wlwal1

slot machine luv
That how we win the progressive. Been wondering. Now ce sharing
Comment from : slot machine luv

Tim Snead
Great video as always Albert! I am not sure I really like this game. The payouts seem low to me. At least you made a small profit, which is better than losing! Have a great week!
Comment from : Tim Snead

Claire Pierson
i played the old version i love this game ty for sharing
Comment from : Claire Pierson

Slot Traveler
So that's how you get them progressives! The old version was fun and so is this one. Thanks for sharing Albert!
Comment from : Slot Traveler

Ms Pam2U Broadus
Haven't seen this one yet but I love the old version, however I never play max because Konami is known to have several consecutive dry spins
Comment from : Ms Pam2U Broadus

Awoopa_ Paul
What a awesome profit 🍭🍭
Comment from : Awoopa_ Paul

Thanks for showing the live play and bonus on this new slot, haven't seen it at any of my locals yet.
Comment from : BonusSlotMaster

Catherine Linder
Very nice video. Congrats!
Comment from : Catherine Linder

AK007 Campbell
Well, now I know what not to play, LOL! Sorry Albert.
Comment from : AK007 Campbell

PandaJock Slots
I do like that max bet is only a buck eighty but it also makes the regular line hits kinda low. I’ve seen this at San Manuel but haven’t gotten a chance to play it yet. It looks like an awesome fun slot to low roll on. Have a great week Albert! 🐼🐾😁
Comment from : PandaJock Slots

Off the Wagon Slots
I always walk by this game and think... should I or should I not? Good run through. Always enjoy your videos.
Comment from : Off the Wagon Slots

Now that was a rollercoaster ride 😉, I do like with this version you get two mystery reveals, just wish the line hits were better, glad it all came together in the end🕺, thanks for sharing 🥰 have a spectacular week 🌠
Comment from : SlowPokeSlots

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