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Jonathan Mendez-Ochoa69
I never seen big wild before
Comment from : Jonathan Mendez-Ochoa69

Leticia Rodriguez
Que porqueria. Mucho comercial?
Comment from : Leticia Rodriguez

Manuel Sanchez
Juego tonto nunca bajas de 100 ni se te descuenta nafa que juego
Comment from : Manuel Sanchez

Mayda Melendez
Why the amound in credit dont go down when u lost, ,☺
Comment from : Mayda Melendez

MJ King
Next time please put bet 15 get money fast
Comment from : MJ King

Harvey Lattray
Sorry it should of did better for u.
Comment from : Harvey Lattray

Lang Chauvin
I like your style Kuri.👍
Comment from : Lang Chauvin

T Black
Thanks for recording and uploading this. More proof that every buffalo game since buffalo gold is garbage. Aristocrat is just collecting money based off the popularity of the buffalo franchise and not paying out as much as the older games. Sad.
Comment from : T Black

Charlotte Nasise
Its hard to get anything exciting so far.
Comment from : Charlotte Nasise

Andy Tran
Bow come your credit the same
After you bet 4,50 dollars A pull
Watch it carefuky you guyz will notice that look at right side

Comment from : Andy Tran

It's lame. Gold is still the best.
Comment from : robideu

Hatchet Jack
Garbage game !
Comment from : Hatchet Jack

Pam Carter
I have learned it doesn't pay off to do max bet on any game...you can win more on a low bet...most of the time.
Comment from : Pam Carter

mesquite slot player
Prefer the new Buffalo Diamond edition. Thanks for the video!
Comment from : mesquite slot player

Liliana Alvarez
thanks Kuri
Comment from : Liliana Alvarez

Veronica C
Bad graphics. They look very juvenile. Took way to long to pay. I do love Buffalos but I will be skipping this version.
Comment from : Veronica C

Campus X
Terrible version of this game. Eats way too much money with low % return. Wont be playing.
Comment from : Campus X

There's no buffalos in the second reel line. I only see three, after looking at spin after spin! That game is a money pit.
Comment from : dhpope2004

Albert's Slot Channel - Slot Machine Videos
Thank you for sharing this new one Kuri! Just got around to watching. I wonder if they will release this here as we have no VGT in Maryland! Good show!
Comment from : Albert's Slot Channel - Slot Machine Videos

Barbara Herrera
Yes get revenge on this buffalo game lol
Comment from : Barbara Herrera

Barbara Herrera
I do enjoy your videos very much... just so sick of the buffalo games
Comment from : Barbara Herrera

Barbara Herrera
That buffalo game is just awful Kuri... watching your video I would never play this game!
Comment from : Barbara Herrera

Cha Park
Blehhhhhhhh! No sugoi on this one! I hope you get Grand the next time you play! Great come back Kuriiiiii Saaaaaan!
Comment from : Cha Park

CT Slotters Slot Machine Videos
Very tough game! Glad you got that win at the end! Thanks for showing it KURI, I haven't seen it yet!
Comment from : CT Slotters Slot Machine Videos

WOW! Don't think it's really worth all that money!! Seem's like the newer slots are getting so difficult to make very much money on! Remember Kuri was betting $4.50 a spin!!!
Comment from : wlwal1

buffalo gold
I like the new coin show music
Comment from : buffalo gold

Jennifer Goodwin
I will probably never play this game. It took so much of your money before it game you anything back. I was glad to read that Akafuji got a jackpot -- wish you both had gotten one.
Comment from : Jennifer Goodwin

Daniel Withers
Thank you for sharing :)
Comment from : Daniel Withers

Daniel Withers
What kind of reject winning music was that?? LOL
Comment from : Daniel Withers

$**EDUCASINO**$ Slot Machine Channel
Good job Kuri, has a great potential to pay for those progressives hopefully come soon for my local casino👍🍀🍀🎉
Comment from : $**EDUCASINO**$ Slot Machine Channel

Slot Traveler
The theme of this game is amazing! The music is fantastic! Great win there at he End! BINGO Win! :)
Comment from : Slot Traveler

vegas Gurl
might    avoid that   mahine
Comment from : vegas Gurl

vegas Gurl
what th e big   glow??
Comment from : vegas Gurl

I'm finding the new buffalo games are garbage! hardly any bonus and small payouts. No buffalo line hits anymore either. I will stick with buffalo classic.
Comment from : purplefrogs09

Brother Dave
this game pays terrible
Comment from : Brother Dave

joolie boolie
Extreme is right. What a strange mish-mosh of a slot. Looks like Aristocrat threw three different games together and called it Extreme ... LOL. I'll pass on playing this game. Sorry about your FP - that always hurts when it gets chewed up by a cold slot machine. Save your revenge for a better slot game Kuri
Comment from : joolie boolie

Great!! Another Buffalo game to take my $$ and for me to hate lol
Comment from : Shinigami

LOL. Not sure I like the Redneck-detzky (@ 12:50). Sorry, but this game looks like garbage. I'll take the classic versions of Buffalo and Timberwolf over these new games that try to dazzle you with extra features, hoping you'll overlook the greatly reduced payouts.
Comment from : DFDalton1962

Douglas Wilson
Was that a Irish jig ,maybe..😎
Comment from : Douglas Wilson

Chip van meter
Not many re triggers to win big I see not many bonus rounds either hmmm m m
Comment from : Chip van meter

Maria Valenzuela
Good try, machine is though! I'll stick to Buffalo Gold for now! Love your style of play. Best of luck!
Comment from : Maria Valenzuela

Lydia Castilho
Gald you got that last bonus! It's a pretty hard game but has potential if you're lucky! Thanks for sharing!
Comment from : Lydia Castilho

Dixie Chick Slots
Tough game girl lol
Comment from : Dixie Chick Slots

Vegas Envy
Buffalo is never kind to me, glad you got that last bonus! Thanks for sharing Kuri❤️
Comment from : Vegas Envy

Love the country version of the Aristocrat big win celebration song. Tough game like Buffalo Diamond.
Comment from : Sideem

Tony D
Do you ever run into Brian Christopher there at San Manuel
Comment from : Tony D

Debby S
Luv watching U play new games. Happy that you recouped your $$, but sorry FP was a bust. Enjoyed
Comment from : Debby S

That is a volatile game but the potential is easily there to get a jackpot. Usually Buffalo games are hard to get a bonus unless they are active
Comment from : Lottd32

Cotton Tail
I really feel over kill with Buffalo machines gee can’t they come up with something eles how about Geisha extreme or remember double dolphin! Love that game bring that back with a twist..
Comment from : Cotton Tail

Great win kuri
I wanna play that game already 😂😂

Comment from : HotShot_SlotPlayer

San Manuel Casino
Always use your Club Serrano card to earn valuable rewards like free play!
Comment from : San Manuel Casino

Casino Countess
Wow...won't be too long before ouor local gets this - looks like it is just as fickle as all the other Buffalo slots!
Comment from : Casino Countess

Dondada Fosho
Never count you out KURI, game was tough that day, and you did make profit🤑😉. I know when AKAFUJI is beside you SOMEONE'S hitting a JACKPOT!! lol See you Friday Kuri! 🍀🤑
Comment from : Dondada Fosho

slot machine luv
Wow ! My local didn't have the diamond and Max vision yet ! You already play this new vision .nice sharing and interesting how you win the progressive.
Comment from : slot machine luv

Good try Kuri-San on Buffalo Xtream!!! Have a great week darling!
Comment from : curteyethecat700

Awesome new game with major potential but was being greedy today KURI! Redemption a must you will triple next time :) Good Luck and have a great Wednesday 🎰💰💰💰
Comment from : SLOTBOT AZ

Catherine Linder
It was an interesting video. Congrats!
Comment from : Catherine Linder

Terry Porche
Looks like a love hate machine like dancing Drums. You love to hate the thing.
Comment from : Terry Porche

Lili A
Not bad at least you got your money back.
あかふじさん今年随分ついてます、おめでとうto her.

Comment from : Lili A

John Reyes
Agonizing watching the FP session pay very little!!! Kuri sometimes it’s better to start off with your 💵 and hopefully win some 💵 then use your FP. I’m gonna watch Akafuji’s video tomorrow 😁 interesting game though and I’m sure you’ll try it again. Good Luck Kuri 🍶🍶🍶
Comment from : John Reyes

Mimi Yuki
It has a bingo on the top , I think it’s a class ll slot machine
Comment from : Mimi Yuki

AA Slots
I think I love this game already. I'll play it for sure once found. Thank you for the demonstration
Comment from : AA Slots

demetrius hill
You tried your best
Comment from : demetrius hill

Great video
Comment from : VANBEAR SLOTS

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